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Vacuum Tray Dryer Oven Operation (Animation)

A tray dryer is an industrial equipment based on heat exchange via convection inside an enclosed insulated chamber with trays placed on top of each other in a trolley.
The driers are used in industrial manufacturing process such as in the food products, pharmaceutical, dye and chemicals manufacturing among others.
3D animation A tray dryer equipmen. Animation design done by http://www.cobradesigns.net

Fish drying oven/multipurpose oven

Chat us on 08174009857, this oven costs 650,000 naira
You pay 70% (455,000 naira) for us to start fabrication
And on completion you balance 30%(195,000 naira)
Then pick up or we can do a Waybill for you, we can send it down to any where in nigeria, we make use of ABC CARGO.

The package comes with extra materials, all you need to provide is a gas cylinder

Drying Oven




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