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Maxillary Molar Endo Access - MB2

Root Canal MB2 - Maxillary Molar Access - Finding MB2 (COVID)
In these COVID times, ensuring that you find all the canals when a patient presents with pain is critical. If the tooth is vital, then a pulpotomy is indicated (AAE May 2020), however, if the tooth is partially necrotic, that pulpotomy isn't going to work and you'll have to debride at least the necrotic canals.

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Hamza Ahmed : Hey really enjoying your videos sir, very useful. Any advice for a recent graduate on identifying the roof of the pulp chamber and removing appropriately? I sometimes find it hard to differentiate, with the floor. Makes me very hesitant to remove more with concerns of perforation etc, . Thankyou! Much appreciated
wilsongoalie1 : Hi Ash, Thanks for the videos. I have been learning lots. Just had a quick question regarding your thought process on when you do a RCT in one session or multiple visits.
Dentistry 101 : Nice video Doctor, did you try the reciprocating hand pieces for the manual files before?
kkkkkkkkkk955 : this video is awesome! Thank you so much. Could you please upload videos about Max and mand first molar extraction techniques? I always have trouble with those, especially mandibular first molar. Thank you!
Alex Peroutky : Excellent video! Any chance to watch the end of this? Also- with a C file- I've heard " pecking" works better vs watch winding? Thoughts? Use Both?

[2022 DV Conference] 유기영 원장님 "루틴 엔도, 엔도 루틴(Routine endo, Endo routine) 강의 미리보기

[2022 DV Conference] 유기영 원장님 "루틴 엔도, 엔도 루틴(Routine endo, Endo routine) 강의 미리보기

2022 DV Conference 등록하기 : https://bit.ly/3LUZ7oN
endoyoo : 많은 관심 부탁드립니다. 감사합니다!

Practical endodontics in real world

Title : Practical endodontics in real world
Case by Dr. Kim Pyungsik

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Rosilene Ferreira : Sempre tive essa curiosidade de saber como era o procedimento de canal assim,fiz 2 um comum e o outro com pino e Coroa,ótimo trabalho Dr:
Hyejin Kim : 정말 유용하고 좋은 강의 감사드립니다.
미소사랑 : 좋은 강의 정말 감사드립니다
armando cota felix : Excelente trabajo, saludos desde ahome sinaloa México
바밀ʕ•͡•ʔ : 원장님 멋져요!




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